The Scoop on OTR Outrigger Tires

Want to know the scoop on OTR Wheel Engineering's Outrigger tire family?

More than twenty years ago the owner of OTR Wheel Engineering decided to design a couple tires that he felt would perform better in a couple equipment markets than the off the road tires that were available at that time. He had some specific ideas that he wanted to see built into the tires and put some tire engineers to work designing tires around his ideas. Out of that innovation process came the OTR Wearmaster and the OTR Outrigger tires. Originally those early tire designs were made as 10-16.5 and 12-16.5 tire sizes only.


The company had some modest success in promoting and selling these tires in the market place. But there were some more evolution's taking place in the construction equipment market that revealed new unmet needs. So the engineers continued to innovate and add new design features to the tires. The Outrigger tire was the logical tire to receive the benefit of all these new design features since it was a R-4 directional tread with wide flat tread lugs that gave the tire its performance benefits. As a result, the Outrigger line of tires continued to grow in a range of unique and unconventional sizes intended to enhance the performance of the machines they were designed to be used on.  

Many of the Outrigger tires were designed for specific Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) based on design and performance requirements they had for the equipment they manufactured.  Since OTR Wheel Engineering has the tire engineers and the resources to design and develop its own tire molds, building new tires for niche markets is much easier.  Another reason why there are so many unique sizes in the family.  Through it all the Outrigger tires with the R-4 tread have kept a distinctive look or appearance that makes them standout from other off the road tires in the market place.​

Some terms you may be unfamiliar with.  

"HBR" stands for High Bead Ratio.​  These tires are "low aspect ratio" tires meaning that they have shorter tire section widths than conventional tires.  In automotive tires this design feature gives performance benefits for steering at high speeds.  In off the road construction tires the shorter tire section width means the tires will have a smaller air cavity volume.  This is beneficial because when you foam fill these tires they use 1/3 less foam fill which lowers the cost of a foam filled assembly.  The shorter sidewalls also give the tire a wider tread face foot print which means more rubber is in contact with the ground which will extend the wear life of the tire.  You will also have a much stiffer tire side wall which has two effects.  First when used in Aerial Work Platform (AWP) applications the tire gives the machine much greater stability during a lift.  Second, the short stiff sidewalls can mean they are very difficult to mount and dismount when done in the field manually.  When they are mounted at the factory they are done on tire mounting machines which makes this task much easier.

Below is a picture that shows you one of the HBR Outrigger tires de​signed to be comparable to a 12-16.5 R-4 tire you might find in AWP, material handling or skid steer type applications.


"NM" is an abbreviation for Non-Marking. Some of the Outrigger tires have a unique patented non-marking tread rubber. These tires are specially designed to have a conventional black rubber used to make the rest of the tire but have the special non-marking rubber in the tread face. Benefits of these tires are they will leave no black marks on the work surface the machine works on. For example when working inside of buildings like convention centers, arenas, malls, theme parks or downtown municipal areas where contractors could be penalized for leaving black marks on decorative brickwork​ or concrete, these tires pay for them selves quickly.

12-16.5 OTR OUTRIGGER R-4 12-Ply Non-Marking TL Tire


Today the Outrigger tire line has all these tread designs and sizes (Click the tabs below for more info on each tread style).

  • HF3
  • I-1
  • I-3
  • R-4
  • R-4 NM
  • Rib I-1

31X15.50-15 OUTRIGGER HF3, Ply Rating:10, Max PSI:60, OD:31", SW:15", Load Rating: [email protected], Item #:T51031155015

31X15.50-15 OUTRIGGER HF3 T51031155015

31X15.50-15 OUTRIGGER HF3 T51031155015

31x15.50-15 OUTRIGGER HF3, Ply Rating:8, Max PSI:60, OD:31, SW:15, Load Rating: [email protected], Item #:T508311515

31x15.50-15 OUTRIGGER HF3 T508311515

31x15.50-15 OUTRIGGER HF3 T508311515

23x10.50-360 OUTRIGGER HBR HF3, Ply Rating:6, Load Rating: [email protected], Item #:T50623105360

23x10.50-360 OUTRIGGER HBR HF3 T50623105360


Want a tip?  This tire is and has been used on the following AWP machines.

26X12D380 OUTRIGGER HBR HF3, Ply Rating:8, Load Rating: [email protected], Item #:T5082612380

26x12D380 OUTRIGGER HBR HF3 T5082612380


Want a tip? This tire is and has been used on the following AWP machines.

26x12D380 OUTRIGGER HBR HF3 NM, Ply Rating:8, Load Rating: [email protected], Item #:T5082612380NM


Want a tip?  This tire is and has been used on the following AWP machines.

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​Special Note: Replacement wheels, mounted tire and wheel assemblies either foam filled or pneumatic are available as well.  Just call me at the phone number below and ask me about the machine you have a need for.

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