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Special Offers for wheels and tires

Right now the company I work for has these special offers on wheels and tires.  Call me for more information and pricing on these offers.

Please note that these offers can expire after limited supply of these products are depleted or the company decides it is time to pull the offer.  Check back often to see what special offers we have available.

Below is one example of one of these current special offers.

To see more of these special offers, see some of my individual blog posts.  They will be under the category of “Special Offers”, OTR Wheels or OTR Tires.

Cat 793 Wheel Base, Wheel Assembly or just the component parts

Caterpillar 793 Wheel Base or complete assembly with all the components your choice.  If you are interested in the wheel base only we have 3 available under our part number O-90369 for $3,500.00 each until they are gone.  Call me at the phone number at the top of the page if you are interested in this special offer today.


Interested in the Special Offer?  Call for Keith Heeres at phone 217-223-7705.