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Buy Cat 769 Off-Highway Truck Wheels For Less

Cat 769 off-highway truck wheels

Caterpillar delivers to its customers an extensive array of industry leading off-highway trucks used for mining and rock quarrying.  The Cat® 769 Off-Highway Truck, introduced more than 50 years ago was the beginning of this range of product development.

Caterpillar announced production of the first 769 Off-Highway Truck in December 1962. The 769 was then a 35-ton, 23.3-cubic-yard capacity rear dump with a top speed of 41 miles per hour. It featured a better payload-to-dead weight ratio, Ackerman steering for improved maneuverability and a deck service area to promote easier routine operational maintenance and service.

In May 1963, Caterpillar shipped the first production 769 Off-Highway Truck and since that time they have delivered many thousands of these earthmover truck’s to mining and construction materials companies all over the world.

Models of the 769 mining truck are the basic model, the Cat 769B, 769C, and 769D.  The Cat 769D is the last model of this line of trucks.

Scallop Disc Wheels

The Cat 769 to this day still uses a Scallop Disc OTR wheels.  This design has been adapted by other manufactures such as Komatsu for a line of their small to mid range rigid frame dump truck’s.  These scallop disc wheels work every well to provide ease of mounting on front and rear dual wheel positions.

Cat 769 Wheel assembly, Caterpillar PN 143-2138

Cat 769 Wheel assembly, Caterpillar PN 143-2138

A common problem with this wheel design is that when maintenance staff fail to maintain proper nut torque the wheels can become loose and during operation the disc scallops will be subjected to movement on the wheel studs.  The scallops will develop wallowed out bolt holes, thinning of the metal round the bolt holes from rubbing on the wheel nuts. and excessive fatigue and stress.  Eventually the scallops will break and the wheel will break loose from the machine.

Fortunately the damaged discs can be replaced by a qualified wheel service provider at a cost that is usually significantly less than the cost of a new replacement wheel.


Off-highway trucks are also recognized as:

  • earth movers
  • haul truck
  • dump truck
  • rigid frame truck
  • rigid frame dump truck
  • rigid dump truck
  • rear dump truck
  • mining trucks
  • rock truck
  • quarry truck
  • earthmover
  • earthmover truck

Wheels and Wheel Parts

Cat 769 wheels are a 33 x 13 size.  That is 33″ diameter and 13″ wide between the side flanges.

Part # 143-2138 is the wheel assembly.  Part # 110-4211 wheel base without component parts such as bead seat bands, side flanges and lock rings.  Part # 6G1732 is the Lock Ring, Part # 8X3271 is the Bead Seat Band and Part # 7D7488 Side Flange.

If you need help getting replacement wheels and/or replacement component parts, call Keith Heeres at the phone number at the top of the page.

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