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New Photo Album for 35×15-15NHS UGM Tire

Just put up a new photo album today on 35×15-15NHS TL UGM tire made by Blackstone/OTR.  You can see the photo album here.  https://goo.gl/photos/HnsnBT9xisCRnxyGA

35x15-15NHS TL UGM Tire-T8132351515

35×15-15NHS TL UGM Tire-T8132351515

The Blackstone/OTR is a bias-ply tire which is an excellent choice for heavy-duty underground mining operations. It features high cut/chip and puncture resistance providing improved operational efficiency. Square shoulders and a flat tread design offering outstanding wearability, good retreadability and even pressure distribution for excellent mobility. Made with enhanced carcass strength for outstanding toughness and resistance to cuts and bruises, the Zigzag center groove and massive lugs provide for excellent lateral traction and long wear life. Blackstone/OTR UGM tire is made of a special compound and features a special tread design resulting in an extended tire life-cycle. Designed for use with material handling and mining equipment. Excellent flotation and load distribution properties.