Cat telehandler tires for sale

13.00-24 G2 Telehandler Tire

When you have a telehandler with bad tires you need to replace them. But you want to replace them with minimal machine downtime. How do you accomplish this?

How do you have minimal machine down time and save money at the same time?

Use a Telehandler Swap program to get new foam filled tire and wheel assemblies shipped to you in advance so you can take off the bad ones and put the new ones on at the same time.Then you ship the bad tires and wheels back to the supplier for credit.

A telehandler swap program is environmentally friendly too (it's a Green Program). Why? Because the old tires and foam fill are recycled in a approved and evironmally safe manner. A telehandler swap program is a "just in time" (JIT) delivery program as well. You can order them and get them without having to wait a long time to get new tires, foam fill and wheels on your machine. Rapid turn around is the key.

So if you need help or advice, call either 800-688-0452 or 217-223-7705 to order these tires and wheels if you need them.

Keith Heeres

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