It's better to go slow in the the right direction than to go fast in the wrong direction.

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About me

Recently, as of January 8th, 2019 I become unemployed do to my “position elimination” as Safety and Compliance Manager.  A new experience for me since I have never been without a job before.  If you would like to contact me you can connect with me through my Linkedin page.  Keith Heeres LinkedIn Page

There are a lot of words to describe who I am, what I do and what drives me.   In my personal life I am a son, a husband, a father to seven kids, grandfather to 12 grandchildren (so far), a brother, an uncle to a few nieces and nephews.  I can say I come from a pretty large extended family as well.

I created this website and blog to talk and write about the things I do, the things I care about, and what I think about.  I will mostly talk about work since I am pretty much a workaholic.  Another motivation for this website is it is a place I can send customers and prospective customers to learn more about me, what I do and what I need to help them with their off-the-road wheel and tire needs.

Some things about me

It helps to know that I am a committed lifelong leaner.  I am interested in several subjects of study but only have time to devote to a few.  If there was ever a way to make a decent living from just learning about only the things I want to learn about, sign me up!  I am all in.

There are four characteristics that dominate my life.

  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Commitment

Trust is important to me because I strive to be a trust worthy person in all my personal and business dealings.   Likewise I have difficulty trusting others.  Trust has to be earned.  That goes both ways I know.

Honesty is something I practice in my daily life.   Sometimes I am too honest when I should just keep it to myself.  A saying I read and have taped above my desk is “A wise man says the least”.  I put it there so I can see it every day and it will remind me to keep my honesty to myself when I should.  You can always count on that if you really want my opinion and I trust you with my honesty that I will give it to you straight.  In business it is just how I do things.  If there is a problem I am going to give it to you straight.  I won’t lie to cover up a mistake or an oversight I am responsible for.

Loyal is something I think I have always been.  I have said many times that I am loyal to a fault.  Loyalty is a double edged sword.  You can want it, practice it, but not expect it from others.  I think loyalty is hard for most folks.  But It is what I am and good or bad, I am loyal to those that have earned my trust.  Abuse my trust or betray my honesty and my loyalty is out the door.

Commitment is another thing I practice in my personal and professional life.  I have worked at the same company for over twenty years.  Not too many folks can say that these days.  I am committed to delivering good service to the customers I service.  I am also committed to being a loyal, honest and loving husband to my wife, kids and family.


I took the Strengths Finder test several years ago and a couple things stood out.  My five strongest traits in order were:

  1. Learner
  2. Analytical
  3. Input
  4. Intellection
  5. Relator

Learning is a dominate theme in my life.  I love to learn new things.  The Input trait goes along with the Learner because I always want to know more and seek more input.

Analytical to say the least!  I am very analytical.  I love to build spreadsheets and databases to slice and dice the numbers to gain new insights and to organize information.

I took the Kolbe A Index years ago to gain better understanding of who I am and what drives me too.  That revealed that my dominate instinct was that of a Fact Finder.  On a scale of 1 to 10 I was a “9”.  I love to gather and share information.  I love to research and categorize information.  Another thing it revealed is that I am very risk averse.  I don’t like to take risks and I am not a quick start.  I like to know what I am doing before I leap.

Work experience and skills I have acquired

During my working life, I spent over ten years in the U.S. Air Force, six years working in the personal computer industry and over 25 years working for the same off-the-road (OTR) wheel and tire company.  I have been an farm hand, an electronic technician, a classroom instructor, a course writer, a course developer and manager, worked in computer and network sales, performed a wide range of marketing functions, developed catalogs, brochures, promotional videos, website content, blog posts, performed SEO, set up and managed social media for business, managed and worked countless trade shows.  I also spent over a year working in the capacity of Safety and Compliance Manager.  I became Mr. OSHA for the company.   Along the way I have become quite proficient with a number of software programs.

In all my years in the wheel business, I have become recognized by my peers in the industry I work in as an off-the-road wheel specialist.

I am now involved with developing and building my own websites for my personal pleasure and profit.  I am further developing my SEO and paid media traffic generation skills.  Needless to say, there is never a dull moment and never do I have a lack of anything to do.   I just have to pace myself and not overdue it to get it all done.

So thanks for showing up on my website and blog.  If your read it this far thanks for that as well.  You will know a little bit more about what you can expect from me and the things I will be writing an posting about.

You can see my LinkedIn page by clicking this link Keith Heeres LinkedIn Page.